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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Master. He had already been used to serve Him
quite a good deal in variofis ways. The greatest
desire of that person, I think, was to See the Master
and to be worthy one day really to meet Him. I
myself was staying in the house of that person, when
the Master came in His physical body to visit that
city, but He did not come to the house. I met Him
outside and spoke to Him for a long time, but He
could not come and see the one who wished to be His
pupil, because just at that moment it happened that
that person's astral body was very violently affected,
was all torn with ignoble passion along certain lines.
That happened just at the moment when the Master
came physically into that city. Well, there was the
opportunity of a lifetime, perhaps theeopportunity of
many lifetimes, lost. You see what a pitiful thing it
is, and you never know when such an opportunity
will come. If that person could have known how near
the Master was, I am sure that all passion would
have fallen away in a moment. Yet for the Master
to use His power to drive that* a way, would have
been for Him a waste of His force. I saw Him ; His
pupil did not.

It is a very sad thing to see a person, for the sake
of a temporary lower passion, lose an opportunity
like that—a very sad thing.

You must not think that the Master resents want
of trust or anything of that kind—that He is hard
upon you when He does not come and do all sorts of